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Welcome to our online courses where we look to help small businesses make sense of the ever-increasing complexity of modern day marketing. Our courses are specifically designed to minimise the technical jargon. They are able to be completed in "bite sizes" (as we know how busy it can be running a small business) and provide people with sufficient knowledge to do what they need to do without overloading them with more information than they need.

Everybody can learn! You don't need any great computer skills! We keep it simple and use video with step by step instructions to get you through. Just in case you are worried about getting help, or even encouragement, you can also join our Private Facebook group. We want you to complete our courses and then tell us (and hopefully others) about your successes. You can learn at your own pace, but you need to stay on task! Having been sufficiently interested to visit this site, it is important that you don't use excuses (as there will always be some), complete one of our courses and get the benefits. It is a small "one off cost" for everlasting benefits!

What is different about MSOM online courses?

We know the THREE KEY Failures to Online Courses and have created our courses based on the RAGIS approach, to enable us to achieve industry leading completion rates! You don't just buy our courses. you complete them!

Do you know the THREE KEY Failures of Online Courses? There are three key reasons why people don't get the benefit from taking online courses. They are as follows:

1) Failure to start the course.

2) Failure to complete the course.

3) Failure to execute on what they have learnt.

At MSOM our number one priority is NOT to sell courses, but to have people COMPLETE our courses. By far the greatest satisfaction comes from hearing from people about how our course(s) have made a difference to them! What is our strategy to achieve industry leading completion rates? RAGIS. RAGIS is our "secret sauce". What does it stand for?

1) Reminders: We provide regular reminders to keep our students on target.

2) Accountability: We do this two ways: a) We keep in touch and remind you about where you should be at during your course b) With our programme we show you the importance of dedicating time to activities such as our course(s) and teaching you to schedule that time, holding yourself accountable to ensure that you actually do, do it!

3) Goals: We support you to set goals in two different ways: a) You are taught with the programme to set goals b) Complete the course within your suggested time frame, you receive a BONUS!

4) Inspiration & Motivation: We show you real examples of what you learn on our course, being put into action, with great results!

5) Support: We have created a Private Facebook Group where you can reach out for help. Get your questions answered and get support, ideas and encouragement from us and other students to ensure the course is a success for you!

With MSOM courses, you don't just buy them, you COMPLETE them!